"Failed to Connect to Server"

Jeff Tapley jtapley "at" bleuboy.net
Fri, 29 Jun 2001 19:11:45 +0000

Hi- I'm new to the list and new to VNC. Not "REAL" technical minded but I'm
having a problem using VNC. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated. I
am attempting to use VNC on 3 seperate computers. Details of the
configurations follow:

1. Computer 1 is a Win2K Server w/ a DSL connection , static IP address,
through a DSL router, running VNC Server. (seperate location from Compters 2
and 3)

2. Compter 2 is a WinME computer w/ a DSL connection, static IP address, also
connected to an internal network running ICS (via 2 NIC's), also running VNC
Server, as well as Tiny Personal Firewall

3. Computer 3 is a WinME computer attached to Computer #2 via home networking
wizard & sharing the internet connection with #2. No firewall on this machine.
Not running VNC Server, but has the viewer installed.

My problem is this...

I am able to connect to Computer 1 from both Computers 2 and 3. I am also able
to connect to Computer 2 from Computer 3 using only the static IP (the one
connected to the internet) as the host address. I am, however, unable to
connect to Computer 2 from Computer 1. I have made attempts with the firewall
turned off and on, and have given access priviledges to VNC in TPF's
configuration. Either way, I get the same "Failed to Connect to Server"
message when I attempt to logon.

My thought is that perhaps it "might" have something to do with Home
Networking/ ICS as Computer 2 shows both IP addresses when hovering over the
VNC Server icon. It shows the addresses with the internal IP first and
seperated by a comma. I have attempted several combinations of logging on
swapping the order of the IP's, using only the static IP, using colon instead
of comma, space after comma, no space after comma, etc to no avail. Is it
likely that this is indeed the problem and does someone know a workaround?
i.e. unregistering the internal IP from VNC in the registry or something like

Or are there other things I should be looking at? I'm stumped.

Again, any feedback/ advice at all would be GREATLY appreciated. I think it's
a great technology- just wish I could get it to work on both ends, and I'm
sure it must be something I'm doing/ not doing.

Thanks in advance.
Jeff Tapley
jtapley "at" bleuboy.net
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