How can I automatic start ?

Ovid Bailey ovidbailey "at"
Fri, 29 Jun 2001 18:10:10 +0000

Not sure if this is what you are asking, but for NT or Win2K, go to 
Services. Select the WinVNC service and click Startup (rather than "Start"). 
Choose Automatic, and the service should start automatically after a reboot.

Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 15:29:49 +0900
From: =?utf-8?B?6rmA7IOB7IiY?= <sooskim "at">
Subject: Re: How can I automatic start ?

Well, it's fine !
but,  I want to start in source program level.
In VNC source file, Win9x can start service just after installing service
without any interaction, BUT WinNT(or Win2000) is not.
I hope the same behavior of Win9x case.

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>Go into services, select it, and press start.

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