Adam Davies adam "at"
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 11:14:39 +0000

Hi im having real trouble with VNC ( & networking) I have two computers
1 is connected to the internet through a USB ADSL connection and the
second is connected to that one through ICS (both running win2k 1
running vnc on 5801 2nd running vnc on 5802) now I know that I have to
use port forwarding to access the computer not directly connected to the
net but thats where im stuck. I presume that I choose the dialup,
propertes,sharing,settings,services, enter the name of service i.e vnc2,
enter the service port number i.e 5802, make sure the tcp button is
ticked (tagged) and enter the address of the second computer i.e

Also I can't get the 2nd computer to have a static ip, I I specify the
IP I want to use, it won't connect.

Are there any websites with tutorials on these matters that I could use.

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