Stable VNC Server for Mac OS 9.x? a.umpleby "at"
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 08:07:26 +0000

> As I held down the button, the cursor started shaking back and forth

That's the Time Manager task in my patches which is used to overcome the
Drag Manager problem. -It only kicks in if it detects that the standard
patches are not being called (i.e. in that 'sticky' situation where a
drag is not giving time to the patches, so there is no hope that the
server could receive any more clicks/keys etc. from the client unless
something changes - hence the 'flick' of the mouse which attempts to
create such a change).

Why it should happen on a button, though...???

> I could not reproduce the oscillation and quick release with
> vncPatches68k-a5nostagger.

Which is even more bizarre, since there is technically no difference in
any of these patches except its buffering of update rects...

In fact, the 'nobuffer' one should cause the fewest problems, if any of
them do, since it just passes updates straight through to the server
without any buffering at all.

The fact that it does appear to make a difference points to something
very strange going on!

I suggest you try changing the order that the patches load by renaming
them (add a space to the beginning of the name while it's in the
Extensions folder, so it loads first; then have another go with it
in the System Folder so that it loads near the end) - this may helps
identify any possible extensions conflicts.

> Interestingly enough, I can reproduce the behavior in the Finder

Well that is *really* odd!!

Just continuing a little further, when the Time Manager task fails to
get time for the server, it releases the mouse button - that may be
what you are experiencing...  but, there's something odd going on,

> Does it with no client connected.

Yes, the patches don't know anything about the state of clients...

> It also shouldn't do anything to it when no mouse events are coming
> from the client

Ideally not, of course, but see above - if something extremely odd is
going on with the patches failing to be called, then the Time Manager
task will still try to resolve the situation.

Hope this helps explain a little what's going on, even if it doesn't
explain *why*!

Let me know of any further info (eg the reordering of the patches -
also, be very sure you only have one copy of *any* vncPatches-type
extensions being loaded at startup - check your Extensions folder,
your System Folder, and also the Control Panels folder [just being
paranoid there]).


 Adrian Umpleby   adrian "at"
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