Stable VNC Server for Mac OS 9.x?

Richard Schletty rschletty "at"
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 06:55:10 +0000

Prior to the oddball mouse-down behavior, I had a few abortive sessions from
my office G4 (running ChromiVNC Server FAT with vncPatches68k-a5nobuffer) to
my home G3 (running ChromiVNC Server FAT with vncPatches68k-a5adaptive).
Could an aborted session leave some residue that could cause this behavior?

The mouse-down quick release behavior happened in Illustrator 8.0.1 when I
was camping on a Cancel button in a Save dialog. As I held down the button,
the cursor started shaking back and forth (moving maybe 4 to 7 pixels left
to right). It did the same thing on two subsequent mouse-down-holds. Then,
after that, it did the quick release thing every time I tried to camp on a
Save or Cancel button. About a half hour later my son called me from home
and asked why he couldn't get the mouse clicks to hold as he was using the
Pen Tool in -- you guessed it -- Illustrator 8.0.1. Could just be a stupid
coincidence or could be an Illustrator thingy. Go figure. With both the G3
and the G4, quitting ChromiVNC Server FAT 3.4.0a5 did the trick -- without

O.K. Just reproduced the behavior in Outlook Express. Not just an
Illustrator thingy. I camped on the Add Attachments button. As I held the
mouse down, the cursor slowly started to oscillate back and forth a few
pixels, then picked up speed and distance of oscillation, until it finally
did a release after about 8 seconds. All subsequent mouse-down-holds do the
immediate release -- until ChromiVNC Server FAT is quit. Does the same thing
with Contextual Menus in OE.

Interestingly enough, I can reproduce the behavior in the Finder with a
window's maximize, window shade and close boxes. But when I camp on any icon
in the Finder, it simply moves to the left about 4 or 5 pixels and stays
put. No mouse release.

Richard Schletty
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> From: Jonathan Morton <chromi "at">
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> Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 04:31:19 +0100
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> Subject: Re: Stable VNC Server for Mac OS 9.x?
>> I forgot to mention that the mouse-down release problem described below goes
>> away as soon as I quit ChromiVNC Server FAT. No need to reboot.  - RCS
> How about when you disconnect the client?  The server shouldn't be
> doing anything with the mouse when there isn't any client connected.
> It also shouldn't do anything to it when no mouse events are coming
> from the client, but the client connected/disconnected case is
> important to narrow down the issue.
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