Stable VNC Server for Mac OS 9.x? (was Clipboard...)

Richard Schletty rschletty "at"
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 03:51:05 +0000

> From: a.umpleby "at"
>> I've downloaded Adrian's three most recent flavors
> Let me know how you get on with each, if you can...

vncPatches68k-a5nobuffer and vncPatches68k-a5adaptive are causing a problem
on my Mac G3 and G4 running Mac OS 9.1. When working on the server itself
(as opposed to remote controlling), holding down on a mouse click will not
stay put. It automatically releases right away. This is not good for Adobe
Illustrator where once has to click-hold and drag with the pen tool or
selection tool. Also happens in Open and Save dialogs when lingering with a
down mouse click on a radio button. Haven't tested vncPatches68k-a5nostagger

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