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Jim Millard jim3 "at"
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 21:33:18 +0000

>You need to add the subnet you are trying to connect from into ZoneAlarm on
>the 98 PC.
> >>> ethan "at" 06/26/01 01:27pm >>>
>I have a Windows 98 machine running Zone Alarm and VNC (both are the most
>current versions). When I attempt to login at the local machine (at the
>Microsoft Networking prompt), the machine freezes with a blank green
>screen. Disabling either of these programs cures this problem. Also, if I
>load Zone Alarm, then, after logging in, load VNC, everything works fine.
>This setup, however, is not ideal since I can't, for example, remotely
>reboot and re-login to that machine. I've checked with Zone Alarm tech
>support, and they were less than helpful.

You *do* need to make sure that ZA is configured to let the client connect, 
but if the VNC server is starting before ZA, then you'll still have the 
problem (unless newer releases have fixed this): By default, ZA doesn't let 
servers that load before it (even if configured for permission) to 
communicate. I've considered it a bug, and the ZoneLabs folks recognize it, 
but had been slow to fix it because they're (rightly) trying to follow 
their "deny unless explicitly permitted" method, and they can't verify that 
the image running as "winvnc" is the real thing unless they can compare the 
checksum against the EXE at launch.

My suggestion: switch to Tiny Software's Personal Firewall. It uses a much 
more "primitive" interface than ZA, so it's harder to work with for a 
beginner, but it handles execution order much better and has a MUCH smaller 
impact on system performance (If you hadn't guessed, I used to have ZA, but 
switched to PF2). I've heard, however, that you don't want to use PF2 on a 
multi-processor box...
Jim Millard
Kansas City, MO                
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