Disabling client computer's modifier keys

Jonathan Morton chromi "at" cyberspace.org
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 21:31:50 +0000

>I installed VNCThing and tried it. Same problem. The checkbox in Options,
>"Release Modifiers", doesn't seem to do anything. For example, if I'm in the
>Finder and issue Command-N (new folder), VNCThing's New Session window pops
>up on my client Mac. Am I unclear on the concept? Timbuktu makes it so

You need to use "No local Command key".

>Furthermore, it takes 4 quick mouse clicks (not two) to open a folder or
>launch a file or program from its Desktop icon. Do I have to look at another
>Mac VNC Server other than ChromiVNC Server FAT?

That's a tricky one.  The Finder seems to handle mouse clicks in a 
different way to most other applications, so it's hard to get rapid 
clicks to register as such.  Try clicking once and using Command-O to 
open it instead.  While I'm on the subject, dragging Finder icons 
(and many other items) doesn't work properly yet, unless you install 
Adrian's vncPatches substitute.

*marks the TODO list appropriately*
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