Macintosh Keyboard/Mouse mappings

Dair Grant dair "at"
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 20:51:05 +0000

David Morley wrote:

>Unfortunately VNCThing suffers from the same problems (by the way, I
>incorrectly stated that Control Shift '-' currently gives
>Control-'-', it actually gives Control-Shift-downarrow)
>So, the way I test things is to see what happens in emacs when I
>press various key combinations.

I'm currently adding some journalling code to VNCThing. This is mostly
for debugging network problems, but it should also be useful to fix this
issue for once and for all when it's done.

This will let you log exactly what is being sent by VNCThing when you
enter particular keystrokes/mouse combinations, and if we compare that
with what you expect we'll have a fix.

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