Stable VNC Server for Mac OS 9.x? (was Clipboard...)

Jonathan Morton chromi "at"
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 20:50:39 +0000

>I just started up with VNC a few days ago. I've tried AT&T's VNCServer for
>Mac PPC 3.3.3b2 and ChromiVNC Server FAT 3.4.0a5 for Mac and they're both
>buggy as hell. Both implementations freeze the host Mac frequently. I've
>tried increasing memory allocation. I'm concurrently running Timbuktu 5.2.4
>on the 3 Macs I've tested. Could this be causing a conflict in the TCP/IP
>port range of 5000+? Is there a robust, stable Mac VNC Server out there --
>one that will live happily in a Mac OS 9.x environment?

I've not heard of ChromiVNC being unstable recently - in fact I find 
it pretty hard to crash on my own systems (MacOS 8.1 through 9.1). 
First, make sure you installed the latest vncPatches, replacing the 
AT&T version.

Is there something you can identify that usually causes instability? 
Also, try disabling Timbuktu using the Extensions Manager and see if 
the problem goes away - if it does, talk to Timbuktu.

The AT&T server *is* unstable.  No bones about it.
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