Macintosh Keyboard/Mouse mappings

David Morley morley "at" AI.SRI.COM
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 20:03:31 +0000

At 9:52 AM -0700 6/27/01, David Morley wrote:
>I would like to access an XVnc server on a UNIX machine from a Macintosh (either Mac OS 9 or X).  I am using VNC Viewer PPC under Mac OS 9.1 and I have overcome the dead-key issue by using a modified Macintosh keyboard layout, but still I have two problems:
>(1) I would like MacX-style key bindings e.g.,
>[text deleted]
>(2) I would like my button presses on my multi-button mouse to get passed as mouse clicks. [text deleted]

At 6:46 PM +0100 6/27/01, Jonathan Morton wrote:
>You could try using Dair Grant's VNCThing instead - it's rather more up to date and less of a kludge.  I'm not sure if it handles precisely what you're looking for, but there's a good chance it does - give it a try.

Thanks Jonathan,

Unfortunately VNCThing suffers from the same problems (by the way, I incorrectly stated that Control Shift '-' currently gives Control-'-', it actually gives Control-Shift-downarrow).  I suspect that the Mac OS does more processing of the key presses than I want it to before the key presses reach the VNC viewer.  I guess one option is for me to do some more serious ResEdit hacking of keyboard layouts - but that will affect the key bindings for all other programs that I use (and doesn't fix the mouse issues).

I think the mouse problem is similar - getting the button presses at the appropriate stage in the translation process.

By the way, my main aim in all this is to drive emacs (and similar programs) on a sun using VNC from a Mac.  So, the way I test things is to see what happens in emacs when I press various key combinations.

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