Macintosh Keyboard/Mouse mappings

Jonathan Morton chromi "at"
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 18:56:26 +0000

>I would like to access an XVnc server on a UNIX machine from a 
>Macintosh (either Mac OS 9 or X).  I am using VNC Viewer PPC under 
>Mac OS 9.1 and I have overcome the dead-key issue by using a 
>modified Macintosh keyboard layout, but still I have two problems:
>(1) I would like MacX-style key bindings e.g.,
>pressing Control Shift '-' should give Control-'_' not Control-'-'
>pressing Option Shift '5' should give Meta-'%' not Meta-'5'
>and so on
>(2) I would like my button presses on my multi-button mouse to get 
>passed as mouse clicks.
>I have tried to overcome (1) by lots of individual entries in the 
>key mappings but there seems to be a low limit on the number of 
>entries allowed, and it feels like a horrible kludge.
>For (2) I tried setting the mouse (using Microsoft's Intellipoint 
>software) to send Command-2 and Command-3 for middle and right 
>clicks, but for some reason, these don't get recognized by VNC 
>Does anyone have any ideas?

You could try using Dair Grant's VNCThing instead - it's rather more 
up to date and less of a kludge.  I'm not sure if it handles 
precisely what you're looking for, but there's a good chance it does 
- give it a try.
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