Passing arguments from /etc/sysconfig/vncservers

Tim Waugh twaugh "at"
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 16:31:57 +0000

On Sun, Jun 24, 2001 at 07:09:00PM -0400, Mark Miksis wrote:

> When using the vnc-server package that comes with RH 7.1, is there a way to
> put arguments such as -depth or -geometry in the entries in the vncservers
> file?  Do I have to edit /etc/init.d/vncserver instead?  Is there another
> recommended way to do this?

There isn't any way to do this at the moment, no.  If you can think of
a good way of doing it, please tell me. :-)

In the mean time, yes, you need to edit /etc/init.d/vncserver, and it
will affect _all_ sessions that are started up in that manner.


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