ESC key with Java VNC client

Michael Carland mcarland "at"
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 16:13:45 +0000


I been using the Java version of VNC on Linux to control a Windows NT 
machine. Everything seems to be working great, except for one problem. 
When I hit the ESC key on my end, the letter "i" appears on the other. 
This makes using emacs a little tricky.

Client side is Java "VNC 3.3.3r2 Binary Distribution for Unix 
platforms". Java version "1.3.0_02". When I start VNC with Java, I see 
the following message:
Warning: Cannot convert string "MetaCtrl<Key>Insert" to type VirtualBinding

Server side is VNC 3.3.3R7.

If I use the native VNC on the client end, the problem does not occur, 
but the Java version appears to be faster, so I prefer it. When I start 
the Java VNC, I issue a line like "java -cp vncviewer.jar vncviewer HOST 
myhost PORT 5900"

I'm not sure if I successfuly subscribed to this list, so if response 
could be copied directly to me I'd appreciate that.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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