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i try to connect to VNCserver through VNCProxy.


VNCviewer <----> VNCProxy <----> VNCServer

(VNCviewer connect to VNCProxy with VNCProxy's IP address)


this is my work.

VNCviewer, VNCProxy, VNCserver are seperated physically(with different IP

in contributed, there are VNCProxy I know, but i failed to run

Someone adviced to me that TCP/iP redirector is good solution on my

he said...

That's easy. All you need is a simple TCP/IP redirector, also
known as mirror, relay or poor man's proxy.

-open a server-socket,
-wait for incoming connection from client and accept it.
-then connect to server
-you now have 2 sockets, open 2 streams for reading, and 2 for
-start reading
-write everything you read to the appropriate stream


but i'm afraid that it's work on VNC or not.

anyone have idea?


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