Varga Daniel (QI/RZS4) * Daniel.Varga "at" de.bosch.com
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 12:20:58 +0000

> From: David Howe [mailto:David.Howe "at" sharp-uk.co.uk]
> The only real advantage PC_Anywhere has is encryption by default - and
> that is via a propriatory alg that isn't known to be secure (try SSH
> forwarding instead - at least you know you can trust that)

other advantage of PCAnywhere: you can use NT Athentication. That means you
can authorize your NTDOMAIN\ntuser to access all your server remotely and
don't have to remember a separate remote password for each of your servers.
User can authorize your colleague's NTDOM\ntuser to get remote access to
only 3 of your 12 servers.

With VNC if you use just one remote password for all your servers (easy to
remember) you cannot authorize your colleague to get remote access to 3 of
your 12 servers. If you tell him the general password, he will get access to
all of them.
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