VNC as spyware on TV

Varga Daniel (QI/RZS4) * Daniel.Varga "at"
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 12:14:54 +0000

> From: A. John Peters [mailto:ajpeters "at"]
> Also, netmeeting requres an ILS server.  Everyone has to 
> authenticate to this server and then they can connect to another desktop.

only for some features you need an ILS Server, e.g. for Remote Desktop
Sharing you don't.

> For my money, Netmeeting tries to do too many things in one 
> package, but this way of doing things seems popular with the general

it's an effort of M$ to make NetMeeting as popular as MediaPlayer, to have
one software for audio + videoconferencing on all M$ platforms (win95 -> w2k
adv. server). The idea is not that bad.

> Actually, it uses H.323, which just happens to piggy-back on
> TCP/IP.  Unfortunately, for some good though currently proving
> short-sighted reasons, H.323 is a complete protocol which 
> negotiates ports on the fly, and does that negotiating through an
> channel. That's not Microsoft's fault, except for using it... but, it does
play pretty
> poorly next to VNC's "single port" desktop access.

dynamical port negotiation is required only for some features (see my
previous mail). H323 is at least an open protocol which makes it possible to
make a video conference between a win and a Linux-box. They could have used
an own protocol, too...

but we've come a bit off topic :)
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