David Howe David.Howe "at" sharp-uk.co.uk
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 09:52:49 +0000

> Although I think that VNC is a really good little application
> I think I may go with PC anywhere as I do not know very much
> about security and so on so I would not want to have to set
> up VNC and worry about SSH and so on. I assume that as PC
> Anywhere is sold by  a big company to the masses it will be
> easy to set up. I would also need file transfer and I think PC
> anywhere has this but VNC does not.
> Is PC anywhere the same format i.e. you can see the remote
> desktop and do anything you like?
PC Anywhere is much the same - remote control, with a couple of options
(one is to blank the remote screen (it does this by fiddling with the
video card settings, and some monitors react badly to this) one is to
"chat" with the remote user using a built in chat app (I just use
Wordpad instead :) and the third is file transfer (to replace this, I
use a normal file transfer app like ftp - I use Webweaver on the
*client* machine (http://bsoutham.home.dhs.org/) to provide a FTP or
HTTP server, and then a normal web browser on the target machine to pull
over files.....
The only real advantage PC_Anywhere has is encryption by default - and
that is via a propriatory alg that isn't known to be secure (try SSH
forwarding instead - at least you know you can trust that)
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