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At 06:24 AM 6/26/2001, you wrote:
>Are there any VNC Servers out there that do not need to be installed?

Yes. I haven't cleaned it up and released it back to the public yet, but 
I've built (for two past employers, actually) something exactly like what 
you're suggesting - a single EXE, that installs WinVNC to a temporary 
directory, prompts the user, and, if they approve, does a server->client 
connection to a pre-defined address. When it is closed, it removes all, or, 
because of library unloading problems, almost all, of the temporary files 
it removes.

Total size of the distributable is about 180k. It's pretty sweet.

If someone with Win32 experience would be willing to take it over and clean 
it up for distribution, I'd be very grateful. It has sat unused by anyone 
but the companies I wrote it for for too long, and needs to be made more 
widely available. Just needs some tweaking first.

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