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Mark Harris harrismh "at" us.ibm.com
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 18:05:37 +0000

Adrian said,
"I was just reminded today of something I've been struggling with regarding
Xvnc - that is the screensaver pattern (the 'gray' background with the big

Is there a way to stop this coming up?"

The grey pattern and the large X are annoying at first to most users of an
X server until they fully understand what they are dealing with.   Every X
desktop has three components that work together.
1) the X server   ie XFree86, Xvnc, etc
2) the window manger  ie Sawfish, Enlightenment, twm, fvwm2, etc
3) the desktop environment  ie KDE, GNOME, Afterstep, Window Maker, etc

The grey pattern and the large X is the X server.  If you were to run the X
command as root (Linux) or run just the Xwrapper as a normal user then the
X server would start and ALL you would see is the grey pattern and the
large X;  the keyboard will do nothing and the mouse will do nothing except
that you will be able to move the large X around the screen.  This is X.
Xvnc is an X server as well as the VNC server !  Some folks don't quite get
this connection.  That is why Xvnc can be used in place of Xvfb (virtual
frame buffer) ...   it can function as the systems X server even if no one
makes a vnc connection to it !   The grey pattern and large X are a normal
indicator of any X server by design.

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