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McCarty, Michael Michael.McCarty "at"
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 15:19:19 +0000

I've been using x2vnc 1.1 on IRIX 6.5 and WinVNC 3.3.3R9 on Win2K (installed
as a service) for controlling both displays with one keyboard/mouse.

Just recently, I've encountered a rather strange problem:

I am unable to do CUA-style selection from the keyboard (i.e.
<shift>-<left-arrow>, etc.) in various applications (Outlook, Visual Studio,

If I try <left shift>-<up arrow>, etc., it neither selects nor highlights
the text.  However, if I hold the <left shift> key down and use the mouse to
move the text cursor, it selects and highlights as expected.

If I try to use the <right shift> key to do selection, it does something
even stranger.  It will do the highlight and selection in *some*
applications (Outlook) but only highlight in others (Visual Studio, <ctrl>-x
does not cut the highlighted text) -- and in all applications it locks
itself in selection mode so that no matter what state the <shift> keys are
in, it highlights the text from the start of the selection to the current
text cursor position.  The only way I've found to escape this mode is to go
another application's window, press and release the <right shift> key there
and return to the window I was working in before.  This is very bizarre

In all cases, hitting the <shift> key to change case works exactly as
expected (besides the <right shift> problem described above).

I've been running this sort of configuration for about a year now and it is
only in the last few days that this problem has permanently cropped up (it
had sporadically occurred before but usually a restart cured it).  I've
rebooted the Win2K machine and restarted x2vnc on the SGI but no such luck.

Anybody have any ideas?


Michael McCarty
Principal Software Engineer
Phone: 515.296.9908
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