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Ben Chapman ben "at"
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 14:22:30 +0000

Are there any VNC Servers out there that do not need to be installed?

Why would you want something like this...?
If we want to provide technical assistance to a client, it is easier
to pursued them to run a single .exe than to go through a whole 
installation and password-setting process - that seams to unnerve 
quite a few people.

If I use such a user, I'd probably not mind running a small program
that has just been mailed to me (or downloaded) from the person I've
just been speaking on the phone to... knowing that it won't persist
on my machine once I've closed it.
Perhaps the server would initiate the session with a viewer back at
the ranch, or a password would be asked for each time it is started....

Thoughts please!

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