VNC as spyware on TV

Mark Harris harrismh "at"
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 17:34:48 +0000

VNC is used in our shop as an Xvfb and for remote server support and maint
(almost exclusively).   For the masses (particularly IT managers and
security folks) the primary application for VNC is going to be electronic
monitoring.    It doesn't really matter what emphasis you give to the web
page either.

Spyware aside....   we are also gearing up to use VNC (modified form) for
net conferencing;   instead of netmeeting or econference.   We have used
VNC for netdemos also,  which is just a specialized net conference where
all clients are view only.    The demo conference is hosted on a Linux box
that serves out an X connection in viewonly mode.   A vncviewer is started
on the same Linux host connecting back to the Windose box where the demo is
being run.   So,  all clients (whatever platform) connect to the Linux box
either with their browser or vncviewer and are able to see the software
demo that is happening on the windose box.    It is a lot of network
traffic,  but limiting to viewonly,  restricting the colors to 8bit,  and
simplifying the backgrounds help with bandwidth.   I have found it a more
reliable conferencing solution in some situations.

Some people will use VNC for spyware.    (very sad)

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