NoRouteToHostException using Java based client

Szabolcs Szoko szokosz "at"
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 13:13:18 +0000


I looked through the mailing list archives,
but I didn't find enough informations to solve 
the problem following here:

I would like to reach a workplace desktop outside of its network.
I installed the VNC 3.3.3R9 server on the (workplace) computer
of our virtual private network behind a sonicWALL
box. Display number of this PC (Win95) is the default 0.
I defined a public IP address (one-to-one NAT) and a
"Web (HTTP)" service with port range 80, 5800-5999 
and protocol TCP(6) for it in the box to make 
reachable this desktop for other computers outside 
of our virtual private network.
This network is directly connected to the internet.
(sonicWALL-Cisco 2503)

At home (Win98,IE5,cable modem) I tried to connect
to my workplace desktop by entering http://publicIP:5800/.
Without any proxy definition I couldnt reach the application. 
After I have defined and enabled the proxy service for my
browser, I reached the password dialog screen, 
I was prompted for the password to login.
But after entering the password and clicking
on the OK button ca. 1 minute later I received the following message:

' Operation timed out'

This means that the VNC port doesn't work.
How could I open (make reachable) this port? 
Or how could be solved this problem?
Should I define additional ports and services or try to connect
with other parameters? 
If somebody can, please give me informations how could I find the
solution of this problem.

best regards
Szabolcs Szoko

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