VNC as spyware on TV

Ernie Oporto ernie.oporto "at"
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 13:06:57 +0000

This morning's Today show on NBC about spyware mentioned VNC as a 
freely downloadable spyware tool.  My first reaction was "awww dammit, 
these morons are screwing up their info again".

Upon hearing this, I thought about how the web site really doesn't do a 
lot of marketing into saying exactly what it is that VNC does other 
than display a desktop.  It goes into too many details right away, 
which the average person will skim over as their eyes glaze, so that 
the only thing I can see them coming away with is "you can view remote 

As an introduction page, should be 
more of a benefits page with gloss and hype and "This will help you 
handle all those servers", "connect to your remote desktop while on 
vacation", "road warriors can control their office desktops while on 
the other side of the planet", and that sort of thing.  Why not add a 
warning about non-tray icon versions or at least something along the 
lines of the "this is a tool, and like all tools may be used for good 
or bad" common sense that most people seem to lack.  That current page, 
still useful could be moved off to "About VNC" and "News" pages.


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