screen contents blinks away, then returns

Bob Gustafson bobgus "at"
Fri, 22 Jun 2001 19:17:07 +0000

I am using VNC, but having trouble.

The contents of the visible screen suddenly blink out - leaving blank
screen. Then a bit later (seconds or minutes), it comes back - Or
another bunch of windows comes back - ones that I had abandoned (minutes
or days ago) thinking that they had died.  I now check with a telnet
window (ps ax | grep ...) to see if the applications which just blinked
out are still alive. They are.

Most disconcerting. Have used two different clients and am getting the
same result, so it appears to be a server related problem.

I have the latest version 3.3.3r2 and I built it from source on an
i686-pc-linux-gnu running RH 6.1 with upgraded compiler, gnome, and kernel
(2.4.0-test6 - not the latest, but it seems to work pretty well)

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