VNC via SSH - loopbackonly & allowloopback problem

Miroslav Luptak luptak "at"
Thu, 21 Jun 2001 23:03:39 +0000

> Miroslav,
> Thanks - I wasn't certain exactly what you meant below, as I have been
> setting my forward to a.b.c.d exactly like I said.
> However, I decided to set up a forward to, and it worked.
> Here are my current, working settings:
> AllowLoopback - 0
> LoopbackOnly - 1
> TTSSH port forwarding window - 
> Forward local port: 5901
> to remote machine:
> port: 5900
> This goes against the logic that I have been working with - 'remote machine'
> to me should be the IP address of the server - a.b.c.d. Obviously I am
> wrong. 
> Can you explain the logic of what is happening?

You should think about the "remote machine" from the point of 
view of the SSHD SERVER! It is the SSHD who will connect
to remote_machine:remote_port.

When you used remote machine=a.b.c.d, then the SSHD SERVER tried to 
connect to VNC Server on IP address a.b.c.d and with LoopbackOnly=1
this was refused by the VNC Server and the TeraTerm reported what
it reported.

I am glad it's working now.

Please note that setting LoopbackOnly to 1, "overrides the AllowLoopback 
and AuthHosts settings." (quote taken from the manual).

Best regards,

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