Xvnc core dump on HPUX 11

GREUEL,JIM (HP-FtCollins,ex1) jim_greuel "at" hp.com
Thu, 21 Jun 2001 17:41:47 +0000

We are using Xvnc as the X display server for a java servlet web
application.  The application uses awt to generate gif images.  On Unix, the
awt requires an active X server session.

Periodically Xvnc dumps core in the QueryFont() function.  The direct cause
seems to be a corrupt struct _Font structure (the one pointed to by the
pFont parameter).  However, I'm having trouble determining the cause of the
actual corruption.

Has anyone else seen this symptom?  Any ideas as to what the problem might

We are using version 3.3.3r2 of Xvnc.  I've verified (twice :-) that all
directories specified in the font path exist.  Are there other font related
issues with Xvnc?

Thanks in advance,

Jim Greuel
jim_greuel "at" hp.com
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