xhost + on VNC AIX platform

Charles Hines hines "at" gderome.com
Thu, 21 Jun 2001 16:39:08 +0000

>>>>> "Bridget" == Bridget Wan Yei Lung <Lung> writes:

Bridget> Hi,
Bridget> I have a vncserver running on AIX platform. When tried to do a xhost
Bridget> +, it will give me the below message,

Bridget> access control disable, clients can connect form any host
Bridget> 1346-217 xhost: must be on local machine to enable or disable access
Bridget> control.

Bridget> Why I need to do a xhost +? It is because from a remote machine, I
Bridget> tried to display to this VNC viewer and it gives this message,
Bridget> Xlib: connection to "mymachine" refused by server
Bridget> Xlib:Client is not authorized to connect to Server
Bridget> Error: Can't open display: mymachine

Bridget> Does anyone have this problem before?

Hold on a second while I dust off some of the back corners of my mind, haven't
used AIX in over a year and a half.

Ok, I recall having this trouble early on (and if you search the VNC archives
going back a few years you may see some of the discussions on it by myself and
others with the problem later).  Unfortunately, for some reason I never placed
notes about it on the VNC for AIX website that I used to maintain...

I think I had to make sure that the DISPLAY was set a certain way to get it to
work, perhaps ':1' or 'unix:1' instead of 'hostname:1' to make sure that it
used a UDP socket instead of a TCP socket.  So try modifying the vncserver
perl script to set the DISPLAY differently (as described above) and see if it

Another choice is to add to the .Xauthority file some entries for the remote
host you're trying to connect from instead of doing the 'xhost +'.  Read the
man pages (or InfoExplorer pages on AIX) about xauth for more info.

Also, the message about the connection being refused looks a little fishy
since it usually has the display number in there as well.  Be sure you're
setting your DISPLAY on the remote machine correctly to be 'vnchost:1' or
whatever the correct number for the Xvnc server is (reported by the vncserver
at startup).  Unless of course you simply edited out the :1 when you changed
the name in the message to "mymachine", in which case ignore this part of the
email. :)

Hope that helps.


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