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Steve Kemp steven.kemp "at"
Thu, 21 Jun 2001 08:06:38 +0000

  I've made a small patch to the latest, released, version of the
 Win32 VNCViewer program.

  It adds a, toggleable, toolbar to the top of the viewer window,
 when running in windowed mode, (ie. not fullscreen).

  Currently I just have two buttons, which are displayed as text:

    * Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete
    * View Options.

  I just have a couple of quick questions:

  Would anybody else be interested in this modification?  (I suspect
 more would be if I added more buttons..)

  And would anybody care to donate a small, 16x16 icon that would
 accurately sum up the idea of "send ctrl-alt-del"?

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