Strange control-key behavior

William Sheppard bill.sheppard "at"
Thu, 21 Jun 2001 02:47:04 +0000

Hi, All,

I've searched the FAQ's and archives with no luck.  I'm running
WinVNCviewer 3.3.3 R3 and VNCserver 3.3.3r2 on Solaris.  Whenever I press
the control key from Windows (even just depressing and releasing it
without pressing any other key) the viewer gets in a strange mode where
all keypresses are assumed to be control.  For instance, if I'm in a shell
window, when it's in this odd mode, if I press "r" I'll see "^R"; if I
press "c" it will assume an intr character.  I can get out of this mode by
either going to full-screen (or out of full-screen if I was in it to begin
with), or by pressing "Shift-control".

I can also get into this mode by simply launching an xterm window.

Any ideas where to look to track this down?



Bill Sheppard              Group Business Development Manager, Digital TV
bill.sheppard "at"                              Software Systems Group
408-863-3438 (x53438)                              Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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