VNC krasches Delphi apps on server

H. Th. van der Meer hvdmeer "at"
Wed, 20 Jun 2001 07:25:41 +0000

This is an reaction to a discussion on Delphi apps that ended in February.
As far as I can track it down there never was a solution, was there?

Anyway, the problem is still bugging me.
My program writes a stack trace when this error occurs, so I know for a fact
that analysis that FindDragTraget call ScreenToClient is correct. But that
is as far as I got. I have a very hard time reproducing this problem.

Does anybody know how to reproduce this?

There is something more. There is a computer that only has the vncclient on
its disk and I think it is hardly ever used. I know it wasnt used since
the computer started and the problem manifested. I also use a program called
remote administrator ( In essence it does the same
as VNC but its server can also act as an proxy. This program is installed
on this computer. Isnt that strange. Could it be that remote administrator
is using VNC code or is it a structural bug in the Delphi code?

All suggestions are welcome
I need to get this out.

Henk van der Meer
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