Trouble connecting

Bruce Garcia bruce "at"
Tue, 19 Jun 2001 21:46:43 +0000

I am in need of help.  I have just downloaded the vnc programs and put them 
on a Linux (red hat 7.0) system.  I run the vncserver pgm through 
xwindows.  I get a xwindow and as a use added the password I will have a 
user log into this system with.  Next I go and become a super user with the 
SU command.  I then run vncserver and receive the following message that I 
can login with linux:1 and the next line tells me the location of the log 
file.  I try to connect from a pc and the viewer fails.

I can connect pc to pc and force connect from the linux machine to a pc.  I 
need to be able to have the users get their own xwindows login.  I look 
into the log file and see the following: (which I do not understand) I am 
mainly from a character based world.

xrdb: connection refused
xrob: can't open display 'linux:2.log"
xsetroot: unable o open display 'linux:2'
twm: unable to open display 'linux:2'
xterm Xt error: can't open display 'linux:2'


Bruce Garcia
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