vncviewer socket error in java applet

Mark Harris harrismh "at"
Tue, 19 Jun 2001 20:20:41 +0000

When running the java appet (vncviewer) from my W2K box (netscape 4.7 jre
1.3)   to  my Linux box,  I  receive the following errors on the java
console after a short time and netscape has to be restarted.     Sometimes
I do not get the errors in the console,  but the socket closes and the
browser has to be restarted.   This can be reproduced on W2K Netscape 4.7
JRE 1.3.    It does not occur on NT netscape 4.7 JRE 1.3.   I does not
occur on Linux (mozilla, netscape 6 JRE 1.3)

Does anyone have any ideas what is happening on the W2K browser ? Socket closed
  at Code)
  at Code)
  at Code)
  at Code)
  at rfbProto.readServerMessageType(Compiled Code)
* at vncCanvas.processNormalProtocol(Compiled Code)
  at Code)
  at Code) Socket closed

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