Business use of VNC

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> Hi, sorry to join this late...
> I just wanted to make sure the GPL rules were clearly defined.
> > Ah.. So can you instruct the technicians to not distribute the source
> > of the server outside the company?
> No. If you use GPL'd source code to create a modified version of some
> GPL'd program that you then distribute, you must release the modified source
> code under the GPL.  If you don't ship the modified source code with any
> binaries you distribute, then you must make it available upon request. In
> either case GPL license must accompany the program (binary and source). You
> cannot sell GPL code. You can sell services. You can make GPL'd programs used
> by you for your services freely available. Give back to the community and
> keep free software free.

The modified GPL code would not be 'shipped' or 'distributed' anywhere
outside the company. It would be used on servers that provide a service.
So in this case, 'customers' would be using the normal VNC client and
they would connect to a server that some ASP that happens to run a
modified version of the Xvnc server.

So under this circumstance, the code for the modified internal version
of Xvnc would have to be made available to the public even though
they are not getting a copy of the binaries?
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