Windows 2000 Pro, unstable and really slow connection.

geocad geocad "at"
Sat, 16 Jun 2001 17:17:35 +0000


I'm was using VNC for a couple of months on Windows 98 machines, and was 
very happy... till I got a new Windows 2000 Professional box.
When I try to connect to the Win2k from a Win 98, the connection looks very 
very slow, with long latencies (I'm on 100 MBit Lan). For example, I move 
the mouse and it will move in 5 seconds on the server, or .. it won't move 
at all! It looks like the refresh rate is once every few seconds.
I tried different refresh settings - no difference. I used to get almost 
perfect refreshing between two win 98 machines with about 20-30 KB/s 
constant traffic.
Now, I get bursts of 50-60 kb traffic every lets say 10 seconds..
Often, after beeing connected for some time it looks like the server it's 
not responding, ... it just quit 'itself'.

My config on Win2k is:
Pentum 200 MMX, 64 Ram,
Diamond Multimedia Stealth II S220 (Graphics) running 800/600 in 16bit
I'm using the same Lan cards on all computers : CNet Pro 200B (100Mbit).

Could this be due to Windows 2000 network configuration ????? (slow 
response ?)hmmm

Did anyone have this problem ? Or is it just me ??? 
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