VNC through VPN

Jonathan Morton chromi "at"
Fri, 15 Jun 2001 18:28:08 +0000

>I'm running vnc server on a win2k server with sp2 at a
>remote site which is connected to my lan here through
>linux boxes acting as routers creating vpn tunnel
>between 2 sites. The problem is when I try to vnc to
>my server at that end I get the password prompt and
>after that I see the message "please wait - initial
>screen loading" It seems to hang after that. But
>telnet to port 5900 works fine.

You might have an MTU problem.  The small packets from the telnet and 
authentication get through fine, but larger packets can be held up by 
a misconfiguration.  Probably the VPN is to blame, especially if it 
uses an unusual MTU.

I had a similar problem with a faulty router once - in order to 
retrieve my e-mail from the other side of the Atlantic, I had to set 
the modem connection on my 486 to an MTU of 576 rather than the 
default of 1500.
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