Palmvnc to linux fatal error !!!!!Help needed

Ruiping Shi shi "at"
Fri, 15 Jun 2001 16:57:22 +0000


  can u help me?

  I have a problem with my palm IIIc with os 3.5.2. As soon as I start my java
application in a vncviewer, dann crash my palm.

  error message: fatal error, MemoryMgr.c, line:4425. Ptr nil.

   Please restart.

   So I can only restart. This problem did, however, appear before my
application had successfully run on it for several time.(to be precise, one
week) That means it worked for week with palm without any error from palm. But
now it appears while all other (standard) applications can still work without
any problem.

  Do u know this problem.

Michael Duck wrote:

> Check out Palm VNC.  VNC allows you to connect palm to your system and then
> view the desktop.  Should be on your linux distribution disk.
> Michael M. Duck
> Telemetry Systems Networking
> Tuolumne Utilities District
> Sonora, California

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