Strange Input Problem between WinME and Win2000

James ''Wez'' Weatherall jnw22 "at"
Fri, 15 Jun 2001 14:55:26 +0000

> I load VNCviewer and connect from client to server and it loads just fine
> something is wrong with the mouse input.  (From Win2K to ME) I can
> click on anything on the start bar and it all seems to work but then when
> try and click directly on an open window, it becomes deselected and my
> do nothing.  Its like i'm clicking on some hidden top level window.  Also
> can right click on items on the taskbar but when their menus come up i
> select anything on the menu.  The keyboard seems to work fine though, i
> control applications with keyboard commands.

If you are running any unsuaul applications which might hook mouse or
keyboard events then shut them down.  VNC inserts virtual events into the
input queue and other applications are at liberty to alter them without
notice if they so desire.

> >From ME to Win2K it is even worse... it seems to freeze up the GUI and i
> cannot move/select/click anything, even the taskbar/start button.  Even
> i close VNC and go back to the actual computer the GUI is frozen until i
> ctrl-alt-del.

This sounds like the "Disable Local Pointer & Keyboard" option in action.

> Another wierd part of the problem is that when i try to use the java
> it brings up the login screen but i cannot type in the password box.  I
> thought this wierd because before i set up all the users/permissions on my
> computers i used the web client to access my server... not it does not
> either way.

This strongly suggests that the problem is in the user interface of the
client running the applet.  Most probably your mouse or its drivers are
corrupted and are producing spurious, random events.  Alternatively, you may
have changed a permission on the system which is preventing the applet from
behaving itself.


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