Strange Input Problem between WinME and Win2000

Trash Box trashbox777 "at"
Fri, 15 Jun 2001 07:24:47 +0000

Ok, I've had VNC for well over a year and it is quite convinient.  Just
recently, however, I set up two computers in my room and i only have 1 working
monitor, so of course i want to use VNC.  My problem is:

I load VNCviewer and connect from client to server and it loads just fine but
something is wrong with the mouse input.  (From Win2K to ME) I can right/left
click on anything on the start bar and it all seems to work but then when i
try and click directly on an open window, it becomes deselected and my clicks
do nothing.  Its like i'm clicking on some hidden top level window.  Also i
can right click on items on the taskbar but when their menus come up i cannot
select anything on the menu.  The keyboard seems to work fine though, i can
control applications with keyboard commands.

>From ME to Win2K it is even worse... it seems to freeze up the GUI and i
cannot move/select/click anything, even the taskbar/start button.  Even after
i close VNC and go back to the actual computer the GUI is frozen until i

Another wierd part of the problem is that when i try to use the java applet...
it brings up the login screen but i cannot type in the password box.  I
thought this wierd because before i set up all the users/permissions on my
computers i used the web client to access my server... not it does not work
either way.

My Setup is : Windows 2000 Profession SP2 on a Celeron 400 with 320MB Ram and
a Windows ME on a 1.7 P4 with 256 MB Ram.  They are about 4 inches apart from
each other, networked with a netgear 100TX Hub and 2 Netgear 10/100 NICs.

I am pretty sure it is due to the ME because i have had the windows2000 server
for quite a while with VNC running and i have accessed it no problem from the
internet at several locations on Windows 98 and Windows NT.

Any insight, help, emotional support would be greatly appreciated.

trashbox777 "at"
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