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> If there is a possibility to run SSHD on your Mac,
> yes, what is SSHD exactly..... (I know SSH is the protocol)

SSHD stands for SSH Daemon, and means a program designed to accept SSH 
connections.  This is in contrast to an SSH client which is designed to 
generate SSH connections.  The word "daemon" means a mythological 
creature which does good things, quietly, and is in common usage in the 
UNIX world to mean a server process that runs in the background.

> you could use Mindterm to connect to the SSHD on your Mac and
> ok.
> then use ssh port forwarding for VNC.
> Does that require a special version... ?

No.  See the following diagram:

+-+   +-+         +-+   +-+
+-+   +-+         +-+   +-+

A is the VNC client, B is one of the SSH endpoints, C is the other 
endpoint, D is the VNC server.  A and B may be on the same machine as 
each other, as may C and D.  When the SSH tunnel is set up correctly, 
connections to B are automatically relayed through the encrypted tunnel 
and to D.  Traffic in the opposite direction is also tunnelled.  Either 
B or C may be the SSH server - it's just a case of which way around the 
tunnel is made.

There is an SSH section in the FAQ, too.

I would suggest talking to your network admin.  If you can't make him 
understand what SSH is and why it's a good thing, talk to his manager 
about getting a new network admin.  Of course, if he has good, logical 
reasons why he doesn't want SSH going, that's up to him and his security 
policy and there won't be a great deal you can do about it.  Remember to 
point out any work-related things you need to do using VNC.

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