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Harmen van der Wal harmen.wal "at"
Wed, 13 Jun 2001 19:50:56 +0000

gerard.briscoe "at" wrote:
> This place is crazy... why we cant have a transparent firewall I dont know....

Maybe they had good reasons to support only certain applications.
Think about it.

> but every protocol except HTTP and FTP are blocked.

Protocol or port? Socks doesn't read application-layer protocols
like for example a HTTP proxy does. So I assume it is just the
ports that are blocked. In that case, you could use whatever
application protocol you like over the open ports, but you have
to use a client that can talk to Socks.

 the sad thing is everyone
> else here seems oblivious to the fact that other things exists. Its like
> living in  pre-internet
> state or something...

Restrictive IP filtering firewalls and/or application level
gateways are a modern fenomenon, as a matter of fact.

Why don't you try if you can get them to allow SSH? 

> I am determined to make it through, one way or another....... ;-)

Then no one can stop you.

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