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Bill Day billnix "at"
Wed, 13 Jun 2001 11:44:33 +0000

On Wednesday 13 June 2001 04:14, you wrote:
> I am runnig VNCviewer on windows and unix at work ... and I wish to connect
> to my mac at home......
> However, I cannot get past the firewall, which has SOCKS https support....
> I attempted to install the patch available in the contribs page, but that
> is for version 3.3.1 unixsrc and I only have 3.3.3...
> Can ANYBOY help .... PLEASE !!!!!
> Regards
> G

As for the firewall, do you have the ports required for VNC open?  if using a 
standard client(downloaded and isntalled) I think the ports ar 590# <-= The 
pund indicates what Virtual Destop you are connecting too.  If you are 
attempting to use the webbrowser I think its port 580#, again the # referring 
to the Vrtual destop you ar connecting to.


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