Packaging VNC using WinInstall LE or Sysdiff (with pswd and service)

Mark Flower mjflower "at"
Wed, 13 Jun 2001 10:04:23 +0000


Can anyone please help.  I am trying to package VNC for our education
network using WinInstall LE and/or Sysdiff.

I have succesfully made an .msi file that will do the basic install for our
Win2k clients.  However, if I try and add VNC running as a service and
entering a password, WinInstall LE  will fail to make the .msi file.

Even sysdiff has a problem with this.  Sysdiff will also create an img file
that will install VNC on the computers, but if I try and include the service
install into the diff it dies every time.

I know that on the reboot after installing it as a service a whole new set
of registry entries are there, but I can't work out why its not allowing the
"services" entries and other settings keys and values to kill the package
(if thats whats happening).

Has anyone had any success with this.  Basically I want it as an .msi file
that I can assign to all our workstations with the same password, running as
a service but without the "-servicehelper" icon in the taskbar that the
students could kill or muck around with.

This is a brilliant program that is worth making the contact at the 300
machines for, but i'd rather push it if I could.

Thanks in advance

Mark Flower
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