System Management Technologies' NT Domain-Security VNC Problem

Bartel, Matt Matt.Bartel "at"
Mon, 11 Jun 2001 15:40:16 +0000


I am using System Management Technologies' (
version of VNC which provides for Windows NT domain security built native
into VNC.

I am having one problem.  After running the server-piece, and trying to
connect with the client-piece, it asks me for my domain and password.  I
cannot find where to specify which domain I would like to authenticate into
(on the server-side), as it only asks for the domain when connecting with
the client.  So, I *assume* that I must pop in the domain name under where
it asks to specify the full control group, and I do so like this:

myDomain\Domain Admins

I have also tried it in the following ways without success:

myDomain\"Domain Admins"
localMachineUser (in the local machine's admin group)
domainUser (in a domain admin group)

Can anyone please fill me in on how to authenticate?  I could not find a log
which showed errors, or what is going on, so I'm kind of in the dark.

Thank  you!
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