question about vnc an modems/isdn

Andreas Gaertner anderl "at"
Mon, 11 Jun 2001 11:12:28 +0000


i've got a question concerning the utilization of a vnc isdn connection.
lately i am experiencing a problem when using vnc as a server on a win95
machine and a solaris7 client over an isdn ppp connection. whenever i dial
out from the remote network and start vncviewer it is true that i get the
password prompt an get authenticated successfully but when the vnc window
shows up there is no contents. the only thing i see is an empty window.
moreover no actions taken on the client are transferred to the server.
regarding tcp/ip everything works fine, pings, telnets (also towards port
5900 from the client machine) function properly.
the same constellation of machines using a 10baset ethernet link works
how come that? most confusing, if i tunnel the connection via ssh2 from
the client to the dialin-server, meaning the last few metres are ethernet,
this problem does not occur.
every time the connection is initiated by the w95 server over an isdn line
using ppp the effect given above takes place. successful authentication
but the window appearing is empty.

any hints would be highly appreciated, thanks in advance,

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