CODE wanted to let a SERVER connect to my CLIENT!!

Chris Kreis ckreis "at"
Fri, 08 Jun 2001 16:38:49 +0000

Dear VNC'ers-

I would like to enable clients (human ones!) of mine to allow me to support
them using my software via vnc. They of course exist behind firewall of
cantankerous institutions, which are not going to open / redirect ports for
me (even though I am cantankerous too!!). I'm assuming that at least some of
them would allow outbound connections and responses; so I would like it to
be possible for these human clients to connect their machines as servers to
my client; i.e. they click an icon which opens a connection to my client
which allows me to visualize / control their desktop (rather than them
controlling my desktop), so that I can say "Yes, there is a save button
right THERE!!"

I know this issue has been overworked, I know that it can be done in the
internal version, I know about listen mode, I know that it can be coded; I
DON'T know much about coding stuff like this! (I'm a web guy!) So, does
anyone have the compiled code, and if so will you send it to me?!?! Oracle
guys, can you make this publicly available, from searching for it I see it
is oft requested!!

Thanks very much,

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