REPOSTED with Zebedee Configs...Running VNC over a Zebedee'd Conn ection

Wallendahl, Michael/SEA mwallend "at"
Thu, 07 Jun 2001 19:21:10 +0000


Looking at your configuration logs, I notice that your server configuration
file has a "serverport 443" entry, yet there is no corresponding entry in
your client configuration file.  If you do not specify a port on the client
side, it will default to port 11965. Also, the command line for your client
looks like it needs a bit of tweaking. 

Perhaps if you simplify your setup things will go better for you.  Here is
my setup.  I like to connect to my home system from work during the day.
Notice that since I don't specify any ports in my config file, all my
zebedee traffic happens over port 11965.

My Home system is running the Zebedee server, waiting for incoming
connections.  It is also running VNC server with the "AllowLoopback" option
set in the registry.  Here is the server configuration file that I use:

=== Begin Config File ===
	# Zebedee server configuration file

	verbosity 2		# Slightly more than basic messages

	server true		# Yes, it's a server!
	detached true		# Run detached from terminal
	udpmode false		# Are we operating in UDP mode?
	timestamplog true

	logfile 'C:\progra~1\zebedee\server.log'

	keygenlevel 2		# Generate maximum strength private keys

	redirect "telnet ftp"		# Basic services
	redirect 5900-5950		# VNC Traffic
	redirect 5500			# VNC reverse traffic

	targethost localhost		# Redirection is to the local

	compression zlib:9		# Allow maximum zlib compression
	keylength 256			# Allow keys up to 256 bits
	keylifetime 36000		# Shared keys last 10 hours
	maxbufsize 16383		# Allow maximum possible buffer size

=== End config File ===

Then on my work system, I do not use a configuration file.  Instead I have
made a shortcut with the following command line on it.  (lines may wrap but
should all be on one line:

"C:\Program Files\Zebedee\zebedee.exe" -e "C:\Progra~1\ORL\VNC\vncviewer.exe
localhost:5 /8bit /scale 7/8"

When I run the above command line, the zebedee client starts, connects to my
home IP address and then runs the vnc viewer.  

That should do it.  If you have a firewall at work, you should still be able
to initiate an outgoing connection over port 11965.  If you have a firewall
at home, you'll need to open up port 11965 in order to let zebedee traffic

Make sure you have the latest version of Zebedee as well.  Here is the web
site for it:

Hope this helps!


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Subject: REPOSTED with Zebedee Configs...Running VNC over a Zebedee'd
Conn ection

When I attempt to connect to the Zebedee server with the client, the only
error I get in my logs is the following:

zebedee(266/215): 2001-06-05-16:37:06:  waiting for client connection
zebedee(266/215): 2001-06-05-16:37:07:  accepted connection from
zebedee(266/215): 2001-06-05-16:37:07: ERROR: server refused request for
redirection to titan:443

My configuration files are below.

The name of the box I am running the Zebedee server on is named Titan, and I
am attempting to connect to it on port 443 (on Titan).  I believe this error
is due to my misconfiguration of the Zebedee client-piece.  Could anyone
tell me how to fix this?

Thank you!
-Matt Bartel

# Zebedee configuration file to start up a tunnelled VNC session 

verbosity 2 # Basic messages only 

logfile c:\progra~1\zebedee\zbd_client.txt # set log file for messages 
timestamplog true # Set timestamping in the log files 

server false # It's a client 
detached true # Detach from terminal 

# serverport 443 # To tunnel through firewall 

# compression bzip2:1 
compression zlib:9 # Zlib seems to work better for VNC traffic 
maxbufsize 8192 # read-write buffer size 
keylength 128 # Blowfish encryption key length 
minkeylength 64 # Minimum allowed Blowfish key length 

# serverhost titan # machine name to connect to is titan
# remoteport 5900   # port number to connect to
# localport 5901   # dummy port for VNC server zbd proxy 

# remoteport 5900 # VNC server port at home 
# using telnet to allow direct connect 

command '"C:\Program Files\ORL\VNC\vncviewer" localhost:%d'
# the line not only instantiates VNC, but also redirects local VNC to SSH

# Default Zebedee server configuration file 
# $Id: server.zbd,v 1.3 2000/01/08 21:35:22 nwinton Exp nwinton $ 

verbosity 2 # Set message level 

server true # Yes, it's a server! 
detached true # Run detached from terminal 

serverport 443 # to tunnel through firewall 

logfile 'c:\progra~1\zebedee\zbd_server.txt' # Define log file location for
timestamplog true # Set timestamping in the log files 

# Uncomment the following line if you want 
# to use a fixed private key stored in a 
# static file. 
# include './server.key' 

# Set up allowed redirection ports. 
# These should be pretty safe -- but it's 
# not a good idea to open up all ports.
redirect 443	   # SSHed
redirect 5900-5999 # VNC traffic 
redirect 5500-5599 # Incoming VNC requests

compression bzip2:9 # Allow maximum compression 
keylength 576 # Allow maximum key length 
maxbufsize 16383 # Allow maximum buffer size
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