VNC Access over VPN

Jess Girard Jess "at"
Thu, 07 Jun 2001 15:42:11 +0000

Hi Alan:

How are your office machines accessing the Internet? Through a router? If 
so, have you instructed the router about which machine on the network gets 
which frames? If you do use a router with NAT (Native Address Translation) 
then it can be a problem.

I can talk to one of my home machines via VNC from remote locations via my 
home router (cable TV broadband, then a router to several machines) but I 
had to tell the router that frames for logical ports 5500, 5800 and 5900 
were to be directed to, the internal ip address for the W98SE 
machine on which I've been playing with VNC.

There is an issue, though; if you can't tell the VNC instances on other 
machines to use other ports, how can you tell the router you want machine 
A, not B or C? I had the same problem with PcAnywhere; Semantec's 
work-around is to specify different ports for each machine. I consider that 
shabby, though...

I apologize if this is duplicates messages by others. I'm reviewing 
vnc-list-digest and found your message. I haven't looked for replies yet.

You wrote:

>I have VNC 3.3.3r9 running on some machines in my offices, I can connect
>back and forth just fine, but last night I was trying to access my machines
>from the outside.  I connected via VPN to our network.  I could ping the
>machine I was trying just fine, but I kept getting Connection Closed after
>entering my password.  I came in this morning and was able to connect to
>that same machine the first time.  What am I missing or doing wrong?
>I have not done any register tweaks, everything should be default.  Running
>on w2k machines and trying to access with w2k machine, all have sp2 on them.

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