help: problem with connecting to vncserver over 56k modem

Suttinan Chattong suttinan "at"
Thu, 07 Jun 2001 15:00:31 +0000

Hello everyone,

I'm new member of the mailing list, and am very new with VNC.

I've downloaded VNC with the aim that I can log-in to use graphical
application on Solaris machine from a PC at home.  Right now, I've manage to
start "vncserver" successfully on Solaris machine.  I can now use any PC at
work to log-on to that machine.

Nontheless, when I install VNC software in my PC at home, I can not connect to
the Solaris machine at work - I get "Failed to connect to server" error.  I'm
using a 56k modem.

I think I'm doing everything correctly : I noted down the IP address for the
Solaris machine, and when I connect I specified <IP address>:1 as the vnc

I also notice that during the connection via modem, there is some traffic
upstream, but very little traffic downstream.

Does anyone have any experience in connecting to vncserver (Solaris) via

Thanks in advance...:)

Best Regards,
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